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Noodle Making Session by Pei Lin Jai (LJP)
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This will be a two-part chronicle as I think it's important to tell the story on the actual procession and not just the food. The...
Bone Marrow, Savannah Bone in Scotch from Ostro Brasserie, Seafarers
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Review: A little narrative before I get to the review. We arrived in Auckland Sunday afternoon and we only had a couple of nights in...
Sum Sum Goreng from Java Restaurant
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Review: I have wanted to go to this week’s restaurant for as long as I could remember, but we just kept delaying it... until now....
Three Milks from Ester Restaurant and Bar
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Review: Mat Lindsay, Ester Restaurant and Bar Chef Ester was named new...
Misoyaki Steak from Tem Ichi Teppanyaki Japanese Restaurant
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Review: This week our review is about an interesting Teppanyaki restaurant, Tem Ichi Teppanyaki. I went...
Deep Fried Ice Cream from Mr Wong
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Review: Mr Wong is located in a hidden back alley of Bridge Lane just near...