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Honestly, Sydney people does not like Melbourne that much. However, Melbourne has become quite a destination for foodies.
Good Food Guide 2019
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Good Food Guide 2019 is upon us! This is the second year that they do the award nationally. The winner of this year's good food...
2018 Top 100 Restaurants
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Last week, the Australian Financial Review published the 2018 Top 100 restaurants in Australia. Instead of being judged by food critics/food bloggers/some...
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Good Food Guide 2018 introduced a massive change where instead of statewide list, it is now a National list. Hence, the winner might not...
Chicken and Cheese from GukBab, Melbourne
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Gukbab Korean Restaurant Review: We came across Gukbab Korean Restaurant when we were walking down Melbourne CBD looking for a nice cup of coffee. Later...
Salmon Sashi Don from Don Don, Melbourne
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Don Don Review: We were walking around in Melbourne CBD one day. I opened up the usual food advisor app and surely enough it showed...
Pani Puri from Delhi Streets
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Delhi Streets Review: Our review this week is an Indian street food restaurant in Melbourne called Delhi Streets. We went there with my friend (he...