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Alexandria was named after the wife of King Edward VII. It was the largest industrial district in Australia and is still home of some of the big companies in Australia.
z11 Brownies from COOH Alexandria

COOH Alexandria Review: Alexandria, especially the area around The Grounds, has become some sort of hot spot for...
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Grandma's Little Bakery has moved out of this location. Rating:   7.5 / 10 Taste: 7.5 / 10Price:...
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Rating:   7 / 10  Taste: 7/10Price: $10 for lunch specialPlace: 7/10   Review: This week we go to a relatively...
House Cured Ocean Trout
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Rating:   8 / 10 Taste: 8/10 Price: $11 - $19 breakfast main Place: 8/10     Review: The Grounds of Alexandria is one...