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The name is derived from Elizabeth Darling and hurst is an old English word for a wooded area. It is now home of fine dining restaurants.
Steak Tartare from Sel Et Poivre

Review: I have heard about this restaurant for quite a while and people seem to be singing praise of the cafe, but I just couldn’t...
The Colonial Vegetarian Platter | The Colonial Restaurant

Review: This week we go to an uncharted territory. The Colonial Restaurant becomes the first Indian restaurant for us to review! We were quite intrigued...
Fume Pizze form Lucio Pizzeria

Review: The first time we went to Lucio Pizzeria was because we asked a simple question to an Italian: Beside your home-cooking, which Pizzeria was...
Poached Hens Yolk

Unfortunately, Tomislav has closed its doors for good. Rating:   8 / 10 Taste: 8/104-course degustation: $94 Place: 8/10   Review: We...
Bentley Restaurant

Bentley Restaurant has moved to a new venue in Radisson Blu Hotel. Bentley Restaurant's Rating:
Almond Bar

Rating: 6.5 / 10 Taste: 6 /10