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Dulwich Hill

Manmaru Dulwich Hill
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Manmaru Review: There is a little cafe in Dulwich Hill that has recently been transformed to a Japanese-inspired cafe called Manmaru by its owners. Their...
Soft Shell Crab Pad Thai from Good Feeling Thai

Good Feeling Thai Restaurant Review: Good Feeling Thai restaurant is one of the newest restaurants in the Inner West, Sydney. It is located in the...
Tella Shakes from Tella Balls Dessert Bar
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Review: One of the few dessert places that I actually reviewed in my food blog. Tella Balls Dessert Bar was opened at the beginning of...
Zeus Street Greek

Review: If you haven’t driven along New Canterbury Road in recent years, you might be in for a surprise. There are two new eateries that...
Hub Cheese Burger and Pimp My Fries

Review: We went to The Hub House Diner because of the ads that they put up in their facebook page. It was for their...
Quanh Lửa Hồng - Beef Bonfire from Minh Vietnamese Restaurant

Review: Minh Vietnamese Restaurant is located in Dulwich Hill. We drive past this restaurant almost every day (and night). There was a warm and homey greeting...
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