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All About Food Blog is currently based in Sydney, Australia. It is obviously THE place to be if you want to find food from all over the world.
z2 Gojima Stack
z4 Sliced Cut from Frango's
z1 Sashimi Platter from Sokyo at The Star
Tamarind Infused Prawns - $17.80
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Unfortunately, Why Thai has closed its doors for good. Review: We went to Why Thai for a random weekday dinner. Since there were only three...
Double Impact - $15.90
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Review: Unlike in the city, ramen restaurants are pretty rare in the Eastern Suburb. Manpuku Sydney is a small restaurant in Kingsford that sells ramen,...
Prawn Linguine - $16.25
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Review: Jamie’s Italian restaurant is probably one of the most reviewed restaurants in Sydney. It has been almost four years since they opened their doors...
Daisy's Milkbar
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Review: For a few months before we finally managed to visit this restaurant, its signboard ‘milkbar’ had caught my attention. There was that sense of...
Samosa and Bhajia from Surjit's Indian
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For this week, I was invited by EatNow to try their online takeaway and delivery services. This will also be our first take...
Grilled beef ribs with Balinese sauce – Iga bakar bumbu Bali - $12
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I have been going to this Indonesian restaurant since they opened their doors in Kingsford! The name is Shalom Indonesian Restaurant. To be honest,...