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Misoyaki Steak from Tem Ichi Teppanyaki Japanese Restaurant
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Review: This week our review is about an interesting Teppanyaki restaurant, Tem Ichi Teppanyaki. I went...
Chilli BBQ Chicken from Jeans Chilli Chicken
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Review: Long before I set foot on Jeans Chilli Chicken, my friends have warned me that everything was super spicy. So, when I eventually got...
The Colonial Vegetarian Platter | The Colonial Restaurant

Review: This week we go to an uncharted territory. The Colonial Restaurant becomes the first Indian restaurant for us to review! We were quite intrigued...
Camel Kafta from Kazbah Restaurant
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Review: Kazbah restaurant is situated at the heart of Darling Harbour's Harbourside shopping centre. In that place, there are dozens of restaurants for you to choose....
Deep Fried Ice Cream from Mr Wong
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Review: Mr Wong is located in a hidden back alley of Bridge Lane just near...
PappaRich Malaysian Delights Menu
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Review: “PappaRich Malaysian Delights” was the name mentioned when I asked my circle of...