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One of the most common food in the world, but it can be ultra perfect. Chinese can also be considered one of the cheapest restaurants you can get in a suburb.
Signature Piggy Face Sesame bun
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Review: In this second instalment of the Chefs Gallery Macquarie Opening Celebration, we focus more on the food that they served on the night. If...
Noodle Making Session by Pei Lin Jai (LJP)
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This will be a two-part chronicle as I think it's important to tell the story on the actual procession and not just the food. The...
Deep Fried Ice Cream from Mr Wong
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Review: Mr Wong is located in a hidden back alley of Bridge Lane just near...
Cafe Mix at Shangri-La Hotel

Rating:   7 / 10   Taste: 7 / 10 Price: $75 buffet dinner Place: 7.5 / 10   Review: Prior to this review,...
Deep Fried Calamari with Pepper and Salt
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Rating:   7 / 10 7.5 for the trinity! Taste: 7/10 Price: $8.5 - $12 per person Place: 5.5/10   Review: This week’s review...
Mango Pancake and Pudding
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Rating:   7 / 10 Taste: 7/10 Price: $20-30 per person Place: 7.5/10   Review: If you read my review on Kam...