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Traditionally varies between each region of Indonesia. The majoriy of Indonesian food in Sydney is influenced by Western Java and Padang region.
Iga Bakar Balado from Choco Corner
3 2499

  My Choco Corner Experience: Located in Mal Artha Gading (North East Jakarta), I must admit...
Sum Sum Goreng from Java Restaurant
3 2899

Review: I have wanted to go to this week’s restaurant for as long as I could remember, but we just kept delaying it... until now....
Nasi Liwet Ikan Asin - 35-140k
2 2726

Review: For this week’s review we travelled up and down mountain side in Bandung to a place called Boemi Joglo. It is quite an interesting...
Tumis Lurjuk – Stir fry ‘lurjuk’ in sweet soy sauce 42k
2 2468

Review: Ria Galeria is famous in Surabaya for its vast array of dishes in their arsenal. It is one of the few good restaurants in...
Bakmi Jowo DU 67
1 2965

Review: This week review is a restaurant in the city of Bandung called Bakmi Jowo DU 67. Bandung and most part of West Java consist...
What to eat in Madiun? Nasi Pecel Madiun
2 2036

I probably have mentioned this to you a while ago:  Restaurants in Indonesia normally only have one champion dish with just a couple more...