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Pizza and Pasta, Mario and Luigi, AC and Inter Milan
Napoletana Pizza from Righetto Osteria Romana

Righetto Osteria Romana Review: We have been going to Haberfield a lot in recent months exploring culinary options they have to offer. This week, it's...
Risotto from Appetito Italian Restaurant
1 1390

Appetito Pizza Pasta Bar Review: We were walking down Circular Quay when one of our close friends saw us. He is responsible for overseeing a...
La Bufala Pizzeria
0 1196

La Bufala Review: We are trying out a new pizzeria in Mascot’s new shopping precinct, La Bufala. How do they compare with the more established...
Ricotta Cheesecake from Pasticceria Papa
0 1733

Pasticceria Papa Review: In Sydney, you can spend $65 for four fragile and sophisticated-looking desserts. Unfortunately, we are not talking about that for this week....
Tiramisu from Intermezzo Ristorante
0 1361

Review: This week we went to a restaurant in quite a premium venue, GPO Grand at Martin Place. The name of the restaurant is Intermezzo...
Kid's menu at Jamie’s Italian Canberra
0 2097

Review: We went to Jamie’s Italian in Sydney CBD just under 3 months ago and were pretty impressed with the quality of the dishes there....
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