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There are always Kimchi dishes in Korean restaurants
z2 Cheese stir-fried rice cake - 30
0 4783

Review: One afternoon we walked around Strathfield trying to find a nice Korean rice cake, or tteokbokki. Our short stroll around the area lead...
Spicy Braised Beef Short Rib - $26
0 2512

Review: For this week’s review, we had to travel pretty far to enjoy this Korean restaurant. My friend told me that his Korean friend would...
Akiba's Charcoal roasted T-bone, garlic soy butter, gochutgaru (800gr) - $38
0 2824

Review: This week’s review is our first ever review of a restaurant in Canberra. Our choice went to Akiba, a restaurant located just outside Canberra...
Chilli BBQ Chicken from Jeans Chilli Chicken
1 3370

Review: Long before I set foot on Jeans Chilli Chicken, my friends have warned me that everything was super spicy. So, when I eventually got...
Honey Crispy Bulgogi
0 4121

Unfortunately, KoFoo has closed its doors for good. Rating:   6.5 / 10 Taste: 6.5/10Price: $7 - $33Place:...
Special BBQ Set A
0 3079

Unfortunately, Wow Bulgogi has closed its doors. Rating:   6.5 / 10   Taste: 7/10 Price: $50 for the set Place:...