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All About Food Blog loves trying different cuisines from all around the world. Sometimes food has the same name but completely different look and taste.
Ketoprak from Willis Canteen
2 5187

Review: One day a friend of mine asked me a question: Do you want to eat gado-gado? At first I admired his courage in...
JFC from Jazushi Restaurant
3 2756

Review: Before I visited Jazushi, I had always had a doubt about this restaurant, mainly because of its name. Furthermore, Surry Hills isn’t the easiest...
Green Curry Salmon – Grilled salmon top with green curry sauce and mixed vegetables - $18.90
1 2367

Review: Chao Praya Thai at The Spot, Randwick is probably one of the first...
View from Cafe Sydney
1 2770

Review: Cafe Sydney is probably one of only a few restaurants in Sydney with...
Wood fired bread, butter, black garlic salt - $3

Review: You might be wondering why I put a picture of the bread and butter as the main picture that represents Balthazar Restaurant. It was...
Arroz D' Mariscos from Mancora Peruvian Restaurant

Unfortunately, Mancora has closed its doors for good. Review: There was a discussion in the Sydney Food Bloggers facebook page about restaurants in Marrickville....
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