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Grilled Beef Tongue Recipe
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This week we will be writing about an Indonesian recipe with a little twist, Japanese-style. The recipe is for Grilled Beef Tongue with miso...
Smoky Beef Brisket
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Recently, there is a surge of burger joints in Sydney that serve American-style burger that looks pretty messy and possibly disregard any health concern....
Japanese-style Chashu Beef Recipe
2 11022

Traditionally speaking, Japanese uses pork belly that are rolled into a log to create the perfect Chashu. We are now trying to make Japanese...
Baked Potatoes with Parmesan and Cheddar

One day, a friend of mine shared several images on his facebook page. One of the images shared captured my attention and...
Oysters Vinaigrette Recipe
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This oysters vinaigrette recipe was first written by Tetsuya Wakuda, the owner of the...
Agedashi Salmon and Agedashi Tofu Recipe
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This week we are writing a Japanese food recipe that was passed on by our friend when they came to our place for a...