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Grilled beef ribs with Balinese sauce – Iga bakar bumbu Bali - $12
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I have been going to this Indonesian restaurant since they opened their doors in Kingsford! The name is Shalom Indonesian Restaurant. To be honest,...
Green Gourmet Kitchen Menu
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Review: This week we are reviewing our first ever vegetarian restaurant in Sydney. In a couple of previous occasions we dined with a group...
Pho topped with beef combination by An Restaurant
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Review: A friend of mine took us here the first time to enjoy one of the best pho in Sydney, we referred to it as...
Pempek Lenggang from Pempek Clovelly
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Review: Generally speaking if you compare it with the price in Indonesia, Indonesian food in Sydney is very expensive! However, if you compare it to...
Martabak Manis Pandan Chocolate Peanut and Cheese $17.95
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Review: This week, I will review one of my favourite Indonesian desserts, Martabak Manis (Sweet Martabak). Traditionally, martabak (or better known as murtabak) is...
Ketoprak from Willis Canteen
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Review: One day a friend of mine asked me a question: Do you want to eat gado-gado? At first I admired his courage in...