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Randwick was named after the village in Gloucestershire, England, home of its Mayor of six periods, Simeon Henry Pearce.
Tamarind Infused Prawns - $17.80
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Unfortunately, Why Thai has closed its doors for good. Review: We went to Why Thai for a random weekday dinner. Since there were only three...
Koh-Ya Randwick

Review: One of my favourite restaurants in Sydney just got a new baby sister in Randwick! Koh-Ya Randwick is part of a group that includes...
Green Curry Salmon – Grilled salmon top with green curry sauce and mixed vegetables - $18.90
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Review: Chao Praya Thai at The Spot, Randwick is probably one of the first...
Sum Sum Goreng from Java Restaurant
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Review: I have wanted to go to this week’s restaurant for as long as I could remember, but we just kept delaying it... until now....
Lamb Tajine
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Rating:   7.5 / 10 Taste: 7.5/10Total Price: $86 before discount Place: 7.5/10   Review: Our first journey to the African cuisine...
Aseana Food Village
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Update: Aseana Food Village has closed its doors for good and I haven't heard about the Chef reopening somewhere else...