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7 / 10
Taste: 7.5/10
Price Range: Rp. 90,000++ » $10
Place: 7/10


The restaurant visit happened nearly a month ago and unfortunately some of the drinks name escape my mind… my apology. However, I can still describe how it tastes. There were 5 of us but we only ordered 2 appetisers and 2 main courses since the portion was massive.


Located in the newest shopping mall in Surabaya, Fish & Co (or Fish n Co) picked the prime spot of the mall, near the centre stage. It provided both good and bad for us customers. When there are events on centre stage, the place can be really crowded and noisy. Just like most of good seafood restaurants, Fish & Co is decorated with marine and harbour theme. They have wooden wall decoration and wooden fish placemats.

We ordered the most basic appetiser: Bread with Garlic Butter. As you can tell the taste was – well – garlic-y. The bread was nice and warm with a nice butter spread. For the second appetiser we had Soft Shell Crab Salad. It was pretty disappointing since there was only one TINY crab. Fortunately the salad was fresh with a nice dressing.

We also had two main courses: Seafood Platter For Two and Spaghetti with Mushroom Sauce. In our opinon, the first course was not for two, because we (5) had difficulties in finishing it. It consisted of one grilled fish, 10 tiger prawns, grilled squids, and 4 grilled mussels in a bed of fries and yellow Mexican rice. To supplement the platter we were also given tartare and sweet chilli sauce. The seafood was really nice. Our second main course was also fabulous. It was a simple presentation of spaghetti in alfredo sauce with mushrooms and cheese.

Unfortunately we could not remember the drinks name, but we remembered one was with passionfruit and the other with lychee. The drink came in a massive glass as seen in the picture. You could order the iced coffee for a much smaller glass or soft drinks.

Did you know?

As mentioned on the review, Surabaya Town Square (Sutos) is the newest shopping mall in Surabaya. If you want to go there, don’t go on weekends since there will be crazy amount of people trying to get into the mall. Traffic management has become the main cause of chaos surrounding the venue. Lack of parking space and poor parking space design has led to congestion in every entrance and exit of the mall.

Sutos is the place to be when it comes to asking your date out. It has everything you want to do, from the only 3D cinema in town, to the best Karaoke lounge. It has nice restaurants and also a pool bar.



Surabaya Town Square, Unit P.03 & P.05, Surabaya, Indonesia


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  1. Nice review, my gf's been bugging me about going there for quite some time now. The seafood platter and the huge drink finally convince me to try it next time i'm in surabaya 🙂

  2. U might post your own review here then 🙂 and tell me whether this review was according to your high expectation 🙂

  3. I would love to try their pasta dish sometime. I wonder if its much affordable there in Indonesia. I also created a blog about Fish & Co. here in the Philippines. You can check it out…

    Lette's Haven

  4. Ardi, I really hope you follow my blog using Google Friend Connect… Please! I will appreciate it a lot!!! Cheers!!!

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