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For this week, I was invited by EatNow to try their online takeaway and delivery services. This will also be our first take away review ever! As we feel like eating Indian cuisine, we made an order from Surjit’s Indian restaurant from their Sydney CBD Food delivery page. We also order a few starters and drinks from Cellarbrations.


Surjit’s Indian Restaurant

We made the decision to go with Surjit’s as it was one of the better ones according to some of the review sites. The good thing about having Indian (or to some extent Thai) food for takeaway is that you can simply reheat the food without losing too much of the beautiful texture and flavour.

After around half an hour wait past the scheduled delivery, the food arrived! For our entrees we ordered Surjits Onion Bhajia and Vegetable Samosa. The entrees were complemented by cucumber and mint raita. I love how the raita soothed the rather spicy taste of the samosa. The Bhajia is not as crunchy as I would have hoped for.

Samosa and Bhajia from Surjit's Indian

For our main courses we had Murg Mumtaz Begun (Butter Chicken) and Korma Zaffar Shahi Beef. I wanted to try the mild option, for obvious reasons!  The takeaway containers were a bit messy but the taste was nice for the price that they are charging.

Butter Chicken and Beef Korma

Obviously, you need naan to accompany your Indian dishes. There are quite a few options available, and for the day we had Garlic Naan, Keema Naan, and Plain Naan. Keema naan was probably the only thing I haven’t tried before. It was a lot heavier than the other types of naan.

Naan Bread (Garlic, Keema and Plain)

The overall taste of Surjit’s dishes was quite spicy but it was still something that I can enjoy.

Drinks and Starters from Cellarbrations

If you want to spice up your evening (pardon the pun!), there are quite a few beverages and starters ordering options in EatNow.

Cellarbrations Order

Capi Blood Oranges, Duck pate, Camembert, Sun-dried tomato and Baby Octopus

Wines from Cellarbrations

I actually find this service to be pretty useful, especially when you need the items ASAP but you do not have the time to actually go to the shop yourself. Obviously for alcoholic delivery, you have to be over the age of 18.

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