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7.5 / 10
Taste: 7.5/10
Price: <$35 main course
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My experience with Hogs Breath Cafe was a long and turbulent one. I have tried a lot of Hog’s Breath locations, including Hobart, Tasmania and some were less nice than the rest. For this particular review, we went to Cronulla. This one was a nice beach-side venue with your familiar Hog’s Breath interior design.

For the starters, we always ordered its Finger Food Combo. I think it has got the most value for your money. It consisted of calamari, potato skins, spring rolls, chicken tenders and two mouth-watering dipping sauces (honey sweet chili and honey mustard).


When it comes to the main course, I would strongly recommend Prime Rib. This is Hog’s Breath signature dish and it was slow cooked for 18 hours. They recommended (and I do too!) to take the medium rare one as it was the most ideal serving condition. I’ve tried the longer cooking ones and it tasted nowhere near the medium rare one.It also came in 3 cuts with Mega Cuts being the biggest one.

The one I chose was Garlic Prawn Prime Rib. The steak came with a choice of Hog Tail fries or mashed and veggies. I particularly liked the garlic taste on this succulent prime rib.The prawns further accentuated the steak with a fresh ocean taste.

For those who wished to have a lite meal, I would suggest their burger range. This time, we tried Boss Hogg Double Burger. It was the perfect bite-sized burger with a nice touch of blackened seasoning. There was also the Chicken & Rib Combo, but I wouldn’t recommend ordering it.

The final verdict for Hogs Breath Cafe

Just one simple conclusion: Prime Rib.


Did you know?

Hog’s Breath is an Australian chain steak restaurant. Unfortunately, they are not available in two of the biggest Australian cities.The closest to Sydney is this Cronulla branch or Parramatta.

However, there are some items in the menu I’d suggest you not to try, primarily the Tex-Mex Combo. Secondly, I wasn’t sure whether it’s because of the cooking level, but some restaurants were not as tasty as others.


Lot 1, 8-18 The Kingsway, Cronulla NSW 2230

02 9544 0644


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