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At the end of September, we dined in Silvester's restaurant that is located in Sydney Harbour Marriott Hotel.

From the menu design, I'm guessing they have a minor refresh every month. Interestingly, the menu item is separated by types, rather than the usual entree, main, and desserts... actually, desserts is another menu altogether.

z0 Silvester's Menu

Entree at Silvester's

Rockliff Spanner Crab - $34 - Avocado, grapefruit

The spanner crab was wrapped in a beautiful layer of avocado. The texture of the spanner crab was so smooth with such a rich flavour.

z1 Crab Meat Avo

"Signature Oysters - $5 - Coriander, ponzu, finger lime

It's a nice and simple oyster with ponzu. Just beware, that finger lime is super sour!

z3 Oyster

Kangaroo Loin Tartare - $24 - Soy, sesame, pear

We actually didn't manage to eat too much of the tartare as the big one pretty much hogged the plate and helped himself with a generous serving of the dish.

From the small piece that I tried, the tartare was really fresh and delicious.

z2 Tartare

Silvester's Main Course

Dry Aged Pinnacle Rib Sirloin - $48 - 300 gram, served with our signature 'Cafe de Paris' sauce

I love a nicely aged meat. This rib sirloin was nicely done and the complementing sauce worked wonderfully with the steak.

The waitperson explained to us that the sauce wasn't technically the real Cafe de Paris sauce but rather their rendition of the original sauce. I have never tried the original sauce, but they said it was very similar to the real one.

z4 Steak
z4a Steak

50C Tasmanian Ocean Trout - $32 - Aerated hollandaise, celeriac crumbs

Unlike the steak, the ocean trout looked beautifully simple. 50C referred to the temperature that they cooked the salmon, also known as sous-vide.

The smooth-textured salmon got a nice crunchy accent from the celeriac crumbs. It then got a light and acidic hollandaise sauce.

The salmon looked and tasted beautifully.

Salmon at Silvester's

House Made Potato Gnocchi - $28 - Pumpkin, miso, native dukkah

Unfortunately, the gnocchi took out the prize of the most un-glamorous out of the three main. Despite the average look, the gnocchi itself was so soft and chewy. Very nicely done!

z5 Gnocchi

Roquette Salad - $12 - Pecorino, balsamic dressing

Northern Beaches Baby Corn - $12 - Chipotle butter

To accompany the main dishes, we had a rocket salad (pretty much the only salad I would ever consider ordering) and the baby corn.

I'm quite curious if they're talking about Sydney's Northern Beaches. I don't recall seeing any farm in Northern Beaches. However, the website stated they are in Ingleside.

z8 Rocket
z7 Corn

The Desserts

Uji Matcha Lava Tart - $15 - Yogurt ice cream, rhubarb coulis

If you like lava cake and matcha, you simply must order this. The yoghurt ice cream, rhubarb coulis and cheese wafer made it that much more lively.

z11 Matcha
z11a Matcha

Raspberry & Lychee - $15- Hibiscus gel, meringue

We had to order this twice as our son refused to share.

The interesting bit about this dessert is the icy lychee  stuff underneath that gel and meringue. It was simply yum!

z10 Lychee

At the end of the service, they gave you a cone of lime and mousse and a chocolate truffle.

I'm already pretty happy even without these two.

z21 Choc

The final verdict for Silvester's:

It is very rare that a restaurant can serve great food with great service. Silvester's did exactly those, and did it admirably.

Do you think I should go?

This is not your typical 'hotel food'. You should go!



9.0 / 10

Taste: 9.0 / 10

Price: $30 - $40 per person

Place: 9.0 / 10


Sydney Harbour Marriott Hotel

+61 2 9259 7330


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