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7 / 10
Taste: 7/10
Price: $24 per pizza
Place: 8/10


At first, we didn’t have much confidence for this place since some restaurants have resided here and none succeed. However, there was a beacon of hope when I saw that the restaurants were actually almost full of patrons. As an added bonus, we happened to know the waitress, thus she took care of us beautifully. The restaurant itself was quite family-friendly and spacious.

Without further ado, our first dish of the day was Trio of Dips (Hommus, Eggplants Salsa, and Beetroot). Everyone loved the bread. It was in nice cuts, slightly crunchy. I personally liked the beetroot between the three dips. Shortly after, our second dish arrived, Stuffed Grilled Mushrooms. It was stuffed with Goat cheese and coated with parmesan and balsamic glaze. The issue with this dish was, there was only ONE mushroom. Other than that, the combination of flavours was really nice on this one.

Our salad for the day was Rocket, Pear & Parmesan Salad. Although I’m not a big salad fans, rocket is one of the few vegetables I consider nice. The combination of the three was refreshingly nice. Chilli Prawn Linguini was the only ‘average’ dish of the night. There was hardly anything to remember on the dish.

For the pizzas, we ordered Grilled Atlantic Salmon and Chargrilled Eye Fillet Steak. I assure you, this is not your average Domino’s Pizza. The pizza base was nice and there was an abundance of toppings. I like the steak one better because of the nicely grilled red meat.

Since we enjoyed a decent dinner, we decided to sit around a little longer for the desserts. For the first one, we aimed high and ordered Warm Belgian Waffles, knowing that across the restaurant was chocolate place famous for its waffles. It looked pretty appetising, but the waffle just fell short of my liking. The chocolate was quite good tho. The second one was Our Famous Chocolate Brownie Oven-baked Swirls (or Mini Swirls). It came in three flavours, but we chose banana swirls. It came with vanilla ice cream and melted chocolate. These bite-sized swirls were the best dish of the night.

The final verdict: Except for the pasta, everything else seemed to be alright. The restaurant was reasonably priced – considering it’s in one of the nicest malls in Sydney. I also recommend you to try the mini swirls.

Did you know?

Up till now, I’ve written four out of the five restaurants located on this floor at Westfield Bondi Junction.
Shop 6009 Level 6, Westfield Centre, Bondi Junction, NSW 2022

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