Pyrmont is known as the venue of the biggest casino in Sydney, The Star. It is also home of Sydney Fish Market that All About Food Blog authors love to go.
z2 Gojima Stack
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Gojima Review:Gojima is a Japanese 'fast food' burger joint located at The Star in Sydney. It was created by Chef Chase Kojima from
z1 Sashimi Platter from Sokyo at The Star
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Sokyo Review:Our review this week is for a special occasion and the venue of choice was Sokyo. Sokyo is a one-hat restaurant (based on...
Ketoprak from Willis Canteen
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Review:One day a friend of mine asked me a question: Do you want to eat gado-gado? At first I admired his courage in...
Beef Ribs 2
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Rating:7.5 / 10  Taste: 7.5/10Price: $10 - $29 per main coursePlace: 7/10 (well it’s still a...
Sydney Fish Market
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Rating:7 / 10Taste: 7 /10
Sushi Samurai
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Rating:6.5 / 10Taste: 6.5 /10