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Update: Chikyu-Ya has closed its doors for good and I haven’t heard about the Chef reopening somewhere else / some time soon.

7.5 / 10
Taste: 8 /10
Price: $15-$20 per dish
Place: 7/10



This week, we’ll travel to a restaurant next to my office, Chikyu-Ya Japanese Cuisine. I’ve known this restaurant long before I started working here and it has been my personal favourite. I think they have the best Karaage in Sydney! (and.. no, I don’t get paid for saying this!)

One of the good things about this restaurant is the simple menu. You are not faced with the dilemma of choosing from 100s of things. Simple pictures of dishes that you’d expect to get are shown there and another list of ‘Today’s Special’.

For the entrée, we went for the Sashimi. 12 generous cuts of Salmon, Tuna, and Kingfish were arranged beautifully with sides of seaweed, pickled ginger and wasabi. The Sashimi were as fresh as getting it from Fish Market, comparable to expensive Japanese restaurants.

For the main course we ordered three different dishes. The first one to arrive was Mini Udon and Karaage combo. Two small bowls, Chilli Karaage and Shiitake Udon, were the perfect dish for carbs-minded people. The udon was flavoursome and you can put chilli powder on it to enhance the taste.

The second one was my Karaage with Teriyaki Sauce (dinner size). Generous servings of karaage deep fried into golden brown of perfection. The teriyaki sauce created an added glossy effect and sweet taste. What I like about it was the crunch and the taste that came afterwards. For small eaters, there was also a friendly donburi size or even an entrée size.

Chikyu-Ya Japanese Cuisine

The last one was French-inspired Demi-glace Hamberg. It was another classy display of plating. The hamberg was so tender and juicy. It was a dish that was seriously worth considering if you fancy beef more than chicken and/or fried stuff.

As a proof that I’ve always enjoyed their Karaage, here’s my happy face after eating it…

The final verdict for Chikyu-Ya Japanese Cuisine:

What else can I say? Karaage! They have sauces according to your preference: Teriyaki, soy-vinegar, chilli and even curry! You can ask for the entrée, dinner, or donburi size. In addition to that, the Hamberg was also nice.

Did you know?

Some of my friends prefer their curry dishes. They said it was one of the better Japanese curries in Sydney. Unfortunately, I am not a big curry fan.

This restaurant is very famous amongst Indonesians. Discounting myself as one, there is always a group of them in the restaurant every time I visited the place for dinner.



106 Ebley St, Bondi Junction, NSW 2022

They don’t seem to have one but this is the closest that can give you detailed information for the restaurant: http://www.sydneycafes.com.au/chikyu-ya.html

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