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Dumpling King Review:

Dumpling King is a Chinese restaurant located in Newtown, Sydney. The restaurant is quite unassuming and look pretty ordinary from the outside.

z99 Dumpling King Menu

Shallot Pancake – $10.90

We always ordered shallot pancake in a Chinese restaurant because it has always been my little one’s favourite. The shallot pancake in the restaurant was pretty huge.

Pan Fried Chicken and Cabbage Dumplings – $12.50 – 12 pieces

I guess when you are in a place called ‘Dumpling King’, the only thing that mattered was the dumplings. They have a few different options for the dumplings and our choice went to the chicken and cabbage, pan fried. 12 dumplings for $12 is not a bad deal at all!

Shandong Chicken – $19.90 – Crispy Skinned Chicken in a delicious brown vinegar and shallot sauce

Shandong chicken is my staples when eating at a Chinese restaurant. We received quite a decent portion. However, the chicken was still sub-par compared to their dumplings.

Stir Fried Handmade noodles with lamb – $14.90

The other menu that we felt we had to try was the handmade noodles. Their noodles are actually pretty good and not too oily.

You could also have beef and chicken for the noodles.

The final verdict for Dumpling King

$12 for 12 dumplings is a good value, regardless of its taste. However, the dumplings at Dumpling King were pretty big and tasty.

I would be pretty happy if we were only ordering the noodles and dumplings the next time we visited the restaurant. Those two stood out above the rest.

Do you think I should go?
If you are around the area and are in need of a good dumpling, then by all means!

Rating for Dumpling King:

7.0 / 10

Taste: 7.0 / 10

Price: $11 – $20 per dish

Place: 7.0 / 10



194 King Street, Newtown 2042

+61 2 9557 2188

Dumpling King on facebook

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