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This week we will be writing about an Indonesian recipe with a little twist, Japanese-style. The recipe is for Grilled Beef Tongue with miso butter sauce.

To be perfectly honest, we weren’t planning to make the Japanese version of it. However, we ran out of the Indonesian ingredients and had to make a little adjustment. Eventually, it worked out brilliantly!

Grilled beef tongue is one of my favourite Indonesian dishes. It takes quite a long time to prepare and very quick to devour.

Grilled Beef Tongue Recipe

What do we need to make Grilled Beef Tongue?

1. Whole Beef Tongue – it can be pretty intimidating
2. Onions
3. Garlic
4. Miso paste – you can get any packaged miso paste from grocery shop
5. Butter – same proportion to the miso paste

I did not put a specific number because you may add or reduce according to your need.

The preparation for making Grilled Beef Tongue

The hardest part in the making of this is waiting. You will need to boil the whole beef tongue with onions and garlic in a stockpot/saucepan for more than 3 hours.

After 3 hours of boiling, remove the beef tongue from the stockpot. You will need to peel off the outer layer of the tongue. If you boil the tongue long enough, you will be able to peel it off easily. Otherwise, add an extra hour in the stockpot.

How do we make the Grilled Beef Tongue?

1. After peeling off its outer layer, slice the tongue around 0.5 – 1 cm thick.
2. Melt the butter. 20 seconds in the microwave should be enough.
3. Mix the miso paste with melted butter.
4. Brush the miso butter sauce onto the beef tongue.
5. Grill the beef tongue on both sides.

A little tips to make your perfect Grilled Beef Tongue

1. Like I mentioned earlier, you need to boil the beef tongue long enough so that you can easily peel off the outer layer.
2. Serve the beef tongue over rice!
3. For the Indonesian recipe, we usually use the ‘satay padang‘ paste from Munik. You can also substitute the sauce with your favourite basting sauce.

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