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Unfortunately, Saap Thai has closed its doors for good.


7 / 10
Taste: 7 /10
Price: $10-$15 per dish
Place: 7/10

This week we are going to review one of my favourite Thai restaurants in town and it is surprisingly the first Thai restaurant I’ve ever reviewed (I think Blue Ginger doesn’t fall to the category of ‘pure’ Thai). Another surprise that I found was that Saap Thai Restaurant actually opened till midnight (possibly to counter some Thai restaurants near the area that open till quite early in the morning!).

One of the great traits of Thai food was that they are fully customisable. You can swap veggies, beef, chicken, pork, and seafood with no problem and the original taste of the dish will still be there. I wrote the following in the order of our preference and sense of completeness.

The first dish to come at our table was Chicken Pad See Ew. In a few words, it was sweet soy sauce rice noodles. It was a nice serving of one with slightly too much oil. Then came Stir Fried Beef in Cashew Nut. This one had a more vibrant flavour with combination of vegetables and mushrooms. Unfortunately the rice bowls came after these two dishes, so we had to wait a bit to start eating.

After the rice came my most favourite (not purely) vegetable dish in the city, Deep Fried Morning Glory Salad. This dish was so good that we decided to order for a second plate before the night ended. It was basically deep fried morning glory with an authentic Thai-style sauce and topped with seasoned minced beef (or pork) and fried shallots and coriander. Although it looked red, it wasn’t actually spicy.

The next dish caused a little bit of confusion in our group. It was Som Tum Goong – loosely translated to Green Papaya Salad with Prawns. For chilli haters like me, I said this dish was really mild (as compared to the next two), but most people in the table agreed that this one was the hottest of them all. Regardless, the dish was really refreshing. The dish was actually the traditional Thai salad dish with amazing combination of flavours.

If you don’t like chilli, I suggest you to avoid the last two dishes. Green Curry Duck was possibly the hottest curry on the menu. It might look pretty harmless from the outside, but it surely can work you out. The last dish of the day was Steamed Fish with crazy hot sauce. The sauce was actually the Thai’s sweet fish and peanut sauce, with overabundance of chilli. It was nicely decorated, but too hot for me.

The final verdict: I know I don’t give a high rating on this one, but this is actually the most affordable (and nice) Thai dishes you can get in town. I give a much higher rating for its Deep Fried Morning Glory. I think this dish was brilliant. I could not find any vegetable dish better than this one around the city (you can take out minced beef).

Did you know?

Thai restaurants are always infamous for their hospitality. I have yet to find a restaurant that disappoint me, in terms of waiters/waitresses’ politeness to customers. There are massive senses of modesty and it was really pleasant.

378 Pitt Street, Sydney, NSW 2000

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