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Congratulations to Noma from Denmark for the hat-trick at the top of The World’s 50 Best Restaurants!

Asia’s best restaurant is now at the hand of Iggy’s at number 26! In addition to Iggy’s, Singapore also had 3 other restaurants in the top 100.

Australia is still represented by four restaurants this year, but we have a shift in ranking.

Quay is still at the top of the list at 29, although overall they were down 3 spots in this year’s Restaurant of the Year 2012 list.

Marque is the new number two and sitting at 61. They went up by 3 this year.

Attica also went down by 10 to number 63.

The worst performer, but still managed to hang on to the top 100 spot is Tetsuya’s. They are now at 76, down 18 spots.

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