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Taste: 7.5/10

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First Drop Cafe

This week we are visiting First Drop Café because of my coffee aficionado friend. It is a quite homey corner cafe with such a believable waitress. She convinced us with a story that the New York Style Peanut Butter Shake ($5.50) was the people’s favourite and swayed me away from my original Summer Juice ($5.90)! (Watermelon, Pineapple, and Mint) It wasn’t quite what I expected tho. The shake was quite savoury and it could use a bit more sweet in it.

First Drop Cafe Menu  New York Style Peanut Butter Shake 550

Since it was not quite afternoon yet, we decided to order from its breakfast menu. They have quite a few choices with mouth-watering descriptions. Check out their Harvest Benedict ($15.90): Sauteed spinach and grilled asparagus on a bed of thyme infused oven baked field mushrooms… fancy! On this occasion, they did forget to put the asparagus on the plate, but it was quickly rectified.

Harvest Benedict 1590

They also have Schwarzenegger Omelette ($16.90), but you must be prepared to quote Arnie if you order this: ‘I’ll be back!’ It is a meal truly for Arnie: High protein egg white omelette with atlantic salmon, asparagus and capers.

Schwarzenegger Omelette 1690

I was tempted to order Homemade Beans ($17.90) because it had the in bracket ‘Our Signature Dish’. However, I didn’t really fancy beans and my friend actually ordered it. It was actually quite a nice combo of beans, chorizo and poached egg, with extra sour dough for the kill! Taste wise? It didn’t disappoint but still not my cup of tea.

Homemade Beans 1790

I ordered Rustic Chorizo Breakfast ($15.90) that I thought had the best description on the menu: Scrambled eggs with free range chorizo, sprinkled with paprika, sitting on a bed of fresh spinach, topped with an onion jam, served with Sonoma sourdough. I’m not quite sure how free range chorizo would look like, but that’s another matter J they had a generous serving of chorizo and onion jam which I think is going to be my new favourite breakfast dish!

Rustic Chorizo Breakfast 1590

The final verdict for First Drop Cafe

I was very happy with the food and service at First Drop Cafe. If it wasn’t for the shake, I would have given them an 8.

If you want to see their lunch menu, please visit this page.


69 Baptist Street, East Redfern, 2016

02 9690 1611

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