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Masuya Japanese Seafood Restaurant Review:

I had a friend coming over from New Zealand and he was looking for a great dining experience in Sydney. My option went to Masuya Japanese Seafood Restaurant, which was considered by many as (one of, if not) the best Japanese in Sydney.

They have an option of Kaiseki, aka degustation, dinner. But on this occasion, I opted to pick and choose dishes we would like to try… just because there were just way too many I’d like to try!

Tofu and Avocado Salad – $10.80 – silken tofu, avocado & seasoned seaweed with shiso basil dressing

My usual comment for salad is ‘just another green’. For this one, the green comes from seaweed, and avocado as well… a less green-y salad!

Masuya’s Salmon Salad – $13.80 – lightly spiced marinated salmon with creamy blue cheese, onion and salad with rice vinaigrette dressing

I love this salad… with capital L O V E! It has that burst of blue cheese while we’re eating that makes it pretty exciting.

Beef Tataki – $14.80 – seared wagyu beef, sliced sashimi style, crisp mizuna with ponzu soy citrus and a touch of balsamic

The depth of flavour for this beef tataki is very nice.

Karaage Soft Shell Crab – M $19.80 – crispy soft shell crab with sweet chilli and wasabi mayonnaise sauce

This dish was gone quite fast, courtesy of its mouth-watering presentation. The wasabi mayonnaise was very smooth. There was also a portion of crushed potato (it wasn’t exactly mashed as the texture was grainy) that was quickly becoming our favourite!

Tonkatsu Pork Loin (Kurobuta) – $20.80 – deep-fried crispy kurobuta pork loin served with home blended tonkatsu sauce

They told me that the tonkatsu was pretty good as well.

Sea Eel (Anago) – $22.80 – bbq sea eel grilled with our flavoured original sauce on a bed of steamed rice

This white sea eel wasn’t exactly presented for sharing. Masuya’s sauce was sweeter than most Japanese grill sauce.

Hokkaido Scallops – $24.80 – deep-fried scallops, imported from Hokkaido, Japan, served with homemade tartar sauce & tonkatsu sauce

To be honest, I am still not sure what’s so special about scallops from Hokkaido. It tasted like scallops from Sydney, which I think is already one of the freshest and best in the world.

Sushi Deluxe platter – $68.00 – Gorgeous and most valued sushi selection – total of 32 pieces assorted sushi

There were quite a lot of sushi in the plate. It was presented beautifully and tasted amazing!

If you really want that uni (sea urchin) sushi, you’d better be quick!

Ocean Jewel Boat – $88.00 – a dozen pacific oyster served with three different types of sauce, scampi, hokki, scallop and fresh salmon sashimi

Ocean Jewel Boat is the most mouth-wateringly elegant sashimi boat I have ever seen. The content is like A-list celebrities of the seafood world, minus lobster. It was served super fresh. We, obviously, devoured them in a heartbeat!

z4 Sashimi Boat from Masuya Japanese Restaurant

Nasu Miso – $9.80 – deep-fried eggplant with Masuya’s original miso paste

We actually ordered this quite later in the service after we found out one of our guests couldn’t eat too much raw fish. What’s not to love about nasu miso? The eggplant was so soft!

Misoyaki Chicken – $20.80 – oven grilled miso marinated thigh fillet of chicken served with green vegetables

Another one that we ordered quite late. The serving was quite small but it really packed a punch.

Wagyu Sukiyaki Hot Pot – $48.00 – finely sliced marble score no. 6 sirloin beef with seasonal vegetables, cooked at your table, served in a traditional Japanese style with beaten egg dipping sauce – minimum order for two

I did not order this for our main group. A decision that I quickly regretted (and was frowned upon by some people in the group). You really must order this when you are dining at Masuya… especially in winter!

The final verdict for Masuya Japanese Seafood Restaurant

Masuya Japanese Seafood Restaurant lived up to its name. We had wonderful dining experience there

Did you know?

The restaurant group has a few different levels of restaurant, including an izakaya that we have reviewed in the past.

Rating for Masuya Japanese Seafood Restaurant:


9.0 / 10

Taste: 9.0 / 10

Price: $75 per person

Place: 8.5 / 10



12 – 14 O’Connell Street, Sydney 2000

+61 2 9235 2717


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2 replies to this post
  1. LIARS!!!!!!! On the menu, it said the Emperor Sashimi boat included ‘selection of best Otoro’ which was pale-pink coloured fatty tuna, but when they presented the dish, there was no Otoro. They gave us a selection of normal, red tuna with no Otoro at all. When we questioned about the Otoro, the staff explained that it was just ‘off-season Otoro that are in red colour’ – I immediately did my research on the table and this was not true. We then spotted cuts of pink tuna at the sashimi bar and asked the sashimi chef if that was tuna Otoro – turns out it was!! We had been lied at. We immediately confronted the staff about the issue, which she tried to comfort us with green tea… and a dessert. She claimed that they serve bluefin Otoro tuna on the Emperor Sashimi boat and they had only two pieces of that left… so she didn’t choose to put them on the dish lol. At that point, we already knew she was a liar and we were tired of negotiating. She gave us two slices of it and it contained A LOT of tendons. Terrible service does not end there. They even gave us the wrong bill to which we had to wait for a refund to be processed and pay again….. uhhhhhh
    Food was rubbish too, the sushi is so expensive with a very thin slice of fish on a little amount of rice.
    DISAPPOINTED! We came to this restaurant to celebrate my sister’s graduation with excitement, to try out this highly rated restaurant on Zomato.
    Worst Japanese Cuisine I’ve ever been to in Sydney!!!!!
    ゴミ, うそつき, 失望した

    P.s Dear Masuya Japanese Seafood restaurant,

    Please don’t put something on the menu if the food is not available or tell the consumers…

    • Hi Gordon,

      I’m sorry to hear about your story and it’s quite unusual that they would behave like that… please check your email if you would like to follow this up with the restaurant directly as I have no relationship with them.



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