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7.5 / 10Taste: 7.5/10

Price: $4 per person

Place: 7.5/10



I fell in love with Sagoo Kitchen the first time I saw it, unfortunately I had had my lunch at that time. The restaurant has a retro feel in it. Once you are inside, you are presented by vintage decorations, very homey ambience and wooden furnitures. There was a little vintage stall as you enter the restaurant.

Sagoo Kitchen

Sagoo Martabak Ice Shop


Since Sagoo Kitchen’s specialty is Nasi Goreng (Fried Rice), we ordered three different kinds of fried rice. You can ask the level of hotness of your nasi goreng. You might know it by now I don’t fancy spicy food, so I ordered the one without chilli. Nasi goreng Sagoo was my choice for the obvious restaurant-named dish. It had an interesting presentation: volcano-shaped with beef jerky in the middle. It was complemented by the usual suspects for fried rice: shredded omelette, pickles and prawn cracker.

Nasi Goreng Sagoo

The second nasi goreng might only be enjoyed by some people since it had beef tripe and it was pretty spicy. Nasi Goreng Babat Semarang was said to be originated from central Java. It was presented much-less gloriously with a generous serving of beef tripe and fried onions. The last one was Nasi Goreng Tempo Doeloe, literally translatedfried rice from the old days’. It was cone-shaped fried rice with the usual extras and ebi (dehydrated shrimp). Unfortunately, this one lacked the punch, over-shadowed by the other two.

Nasi Goreng Babat Semarang

Nasi Goreng Sagoo

Beehoon Goreng Rawit Sagoo was the one I didn’t get to taste since it contained the ultra hot green chilli! However, the next dish was so good that we had to order the second one. They called it Tahoe Kopjok Telor (tofu in fried egg). It was a combination of savoury tofu dish with sweet and sour soy sauce. I really loved the sauce, it was so tasty and when combined with the tofu and some pickles, it was unbelievable!

Beehoon Goreng Rawit Sagoo

Tahoe Kopjok Telor

There are assortments of desserts and assortments to choose from the menu but since I already had limited capacity, my choices fell to Klepon and Es Katjang Singapore. Klepon is a native South East Asian dessert which is a glutinous rice ball dipped in pandan essence with liquefy palm sugar and coconut. It had a chewy texture with melted palm sugar filling. Es Katjang Singapore isn’t actually an Indonesian dish but I just couldn’t help it with the Green and Red syrups.


Es Katjang Singapore

The final verdict for Sagoo Kitchen

Sagoo Kitchen is definitely one of the restaurants you must visit in Paris Van Java. In addition to them being nice and clean, the food was also excellent.

Did you know?

Don’t go to Paris Van Java on a weekend! The traffic is really bad that Jakarta’s traffic is like a walk in the park!


GL-D-05, Jalan Sukajadi 131-139, Paris Van Java, Bandung, Indonesia

+62 22 8206 3754


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