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7 / 10Taste: 7/10

Price: $28-$37 per main course
(+ unlimited salad bar)

Place: 7.5/10




Two years ago I reviewed its ‘alleged’ copycat in Surabaya, called American Grill. I finally got the chance to review the self-proclaimed legendary salad bar’s restaurant, Sizzler. We visited Sizzler St George in Kogarah. The venue was incredibly spacious and was perfect for a pretty big group. The only downside is you can’t book in advance.

So, how does it work? When you enter the restaurant, the menu pages are printed on the wall for easy viewing. When you ordered one of the main courses, you are entitled to unlimited and free access to their ‘legendary’ salad bar. You can choose to have the salad bar only for $24.50. I will explain about it towards the end of the review. You can also order refillable drink for $3.95. You are entitled for either hot drinks (coffee and tea) or soft drinks (including water).

Sizzler Kogarah

Since I am a big fan of rump steak, my obvious choice was Steak & Big BBQ Garlic Prawns combo ($37). It was a smallish (200 gr) rump steak grilled to your liking with a side of mashed potato with (luckily) three big grilled prawns and mushroom sauce. I was quite content with the steak despite of the size. Alternatively, you could also order Steak with Salt & Pepper Calamari ($31). Instead of the prawns, you were served with a handful of calamari. It is a nice alternative if you dislike crustaceans.

Steak & Big BBQ Garlic Prawns Combo Steak with Salt & Pepper Calamari

The heaviest dish on the menu is the T-Bone Steak. It was listed on the menu as 500 gr, although part of it is the weight of the bone. It also came with complimentary sides and sauce.

T-Bone Steak

There is also a rather special menu (more expensive than regular rump, at $34 ^_^): Royal Blue Rib Eye. The description stated grass-fed MSA royal blue rib eye. I wasn’t really sure what the difference with the rump steak was. It, did, however came with sweet potato fries, steamed broccolini and a choice of sauce.

Royal Blue Rib Eye Royal Blue Rib Eye

Now, let’s talk about the legendary salad bar. You will be offered cheese toast as soon as you’re comfortable on your seat. There is one giant table full of food in the main salad bar. In this part of the bar, you can get fruits, salads, condiments, and, my personal favourite, jacket potatoes.  If you need more carbs, there is also the pasta and soup area on the salad bar.

Cheese Toast Salad Bar Pasta

The dessert bar isn’t as big as the main salad bar, but it sure is pretty famous amongst ladies and kids. In addition to the desserts in the picture, you could also get soft ice cream and all kinds of jelly beans, marshmallows, chocolates to go with your ice cream. You can be as creative as you can be with the dessert.

Dessert Bar Dessert Plate

The final verdict for Sizzler

Sizzler is definitely one of the more cost effective all you can eat restaurants in Sydney, although technically the all you can eat portion is only the salad bar.



Cnr Princes Highway & Jubilee Avenue, Kogarah

Phone: +61 2 9553 8657


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