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z0d Chef's BBQ
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If you live around Petersham, you would not miss this restaurant at the main junction. Unfortunately, the spot is also well known...
z99 Gloria's Cafe Menu
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Gloria's Cafe Review: Gloria's Cafe is said to be the oldest Portuguese restaurant in Petersham, or even Sydney. We...
z2 Agemochi - Kubota Japanese Cuisine
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Kubota Japanese Cuisine review: We were walking down Audley street in Petersham when my son saw this little Japanese...
z1 Meat Platter from Costa do Sol
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Costa do Sol Review: Everyone should know by now that you are visiting Petersham in Sydney primarily for their Portuguese Charcoal Chicken...
z4 Sliced Cut from Frango's
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Frango's Review: There is a restaurant in Petersham, Inner West Sydney, that (I think) have achieved the 'legendary' status. Frango's or 'that Portuguese Chicken place...
z6 Red Mullet from Seed Greek Kouzina
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Seed Greek Kouzina Review: We saw an ad board for Seed Greek Kouzina as we walked down a small road in Petersham towards the main...