Surry Hills

The former number one restaurant in Australia resides in Surry Hills. It is also home of dozens great restaurants that All About Food Blog want to cover.
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Suzuya Review:A while ago, I was introduced to this little restaurant by my work colleague, SR. Suzuya Japanese Restaurant is located in a small...
Pierogi from Alchemy Polish Cafe Restaurant
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Alchemy Polish Cafe Restaurant Review:Our review this week came from a Polish restaurant in Surry Hills, Sydney, called Alchemy Polish Cafe Restaurant.I'm not quite...
Assorted Desserts from Toko Japanese Izakaya
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Toko Japanese Izakaya Review:Our review this week came from a Japanese izakaya restaurant, called Toko. The restaurant is located in a busy suburb of...
Nasi Lemak from Medan Ciak
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Medan Ciak Review:Another brand new restaurant we went to for this week’s blog entry. I was quickly drawn into the restaurant because of my...
Pla Tod Phae - $14.00 - Surry Hills Eating House
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Review:This week, we were invited to Surry Hills Eating House. The restaurant is located in the corner of Elizabeth and Campbell Streets. It is...
Medallon del Rey and Pinchitos de Gambas
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Review:11 courses dinner, $60 price tag, for two people… I will let that sink in for a minute… To put it into perspective, each...