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Kafeine cafe at Balmain
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Kafeine Balmain review: It was a pretty uneventful Sunday and we just happened to be in Balmain. We decided...
Tofu Balls at Ippuku Rosebery
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Ippuku Review: We went to Ippuku just before our new year holidays. Ippuku is a brand new cafe in...
z2 Morning Bowl from Coffee Tank
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Coffee Tank Review: I had a catch up for a brunch with a friend of mine who is also a coffeeholic, WPF....
Lamb Cutlets from Revolver Cafe
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Revolver Café Review: A few weeks ago, I met with Mike from Race Brunch Repeat in a Christmas party.  In our conversation, he mentioned...
The GoodLife
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Review: Coffee is usually the last thing I look for when I was in Bandung. Partially it is because I have grown to accept that...
The Caffeine Dispensary
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On a bright Sunday morning, my friend, Mieke, and I stood in front of The Caffeine Dispensary door with great excitement about the coffee...